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22 MayElectronic signature features.

Sign document

PDF document signing is implemented in two variants in Stamper. The first one allows signing a document and creating an eSig summary page (which in practice is a PDF file which can be automatically merged with the document). The second one allows signing a PDF document using security certificate (file with extension p12 or pfx). […]

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15 MayCalling Stamper from JavaScript API

Calling Stamper from JavaScript API is very easy thanks to the fact that Stamper is just another Rendition Engine. So, in order to create Stamper rendition use following code snippet:

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15 MayHow to configure Content Rules and Stamper.


Thanks to tight integration with Alfresco it is possible to use Stamper in content rules definition out of the box. Below I will describe how easy it is.

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13 MayShort guide to SVG layers.

Editing SVG layer in Inkscape.

In order to distinguish simple image watermarks from dynamic and more advanced watermarks in Stamper the former are called Layers. Layers are technically SVG files and can be quite easily created in Inkscape application.

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